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Itchy baby Logo Back in February my (non-itchy) baby number three had his second birthday. 

I took a moment to reflect as often happens at birthdays and looked around at the chaos life had become with 3 children, a glance at my happy crazy toddler told me at least one thing was going right. Everything else though was a bit of a mess! 

Zak was just about capable of independent play now and nursery was on the horizon. It occurred to me it was time to start getting back on top of everything else.  

Firstly I went back to yoga which fixed my post baby back pain and gave me the energy to get on top of neglected house jobs.  Then I found myself with a bit of time to look again at Itchy Baby.

It's always been a labour of love and it's been so heart warming to connect with other parents and receive the wonderful feed back of knowing that another family's life is a bit easier now.  Over the years I've met many inspiring people both parents and suppliers all passionate about making a difference.

It was time for Itchy Baby to receive some attention and I've been lucky to have the fantastic Supafrank team Katie and Katrin working with me to combine the out dated web sites and give Itchy Baby a new look.

I hope you like the new site and look, and thank you all for bearing with us while we swapped over.




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