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Bath time Rubber DuckBaths are fun!

Who doesn't enjoy a splash in warm water at the end of the day and for older babies it's also a sensory learning experience where things behave quite differently to how they do on the play mat.

When your infant has eczema, bath time might feel like a minefield of do's and don'ts and prescription additives.  Toys though they are always fine, thought they might need extra cleaning afterwards if you are adding oils to the bathwater.

A new study discussed yesterday on the BBC reiterates what many mums know instinctively, go with what works for you and your baby!

Our Top Bath Tips

  • Toys or for tiny babies a sponge or rag to hold.  Lots of fun for older ones and can also prevent tiny fingers scratching at exposed skin.
  • Not to hot and not to long.  Shorter cooler baths are better for sensitive skin.
  • No bubbles or shampoo, most small infants don't need harsh cleaning.  If you like to add something then prescription oils, oats or natural oils can all help.  Older children who's skin is mainly fine may enjoy coloured baths in place of bubbles look for Tinti bath colours.
  • Cuddle dry! No need to rub just a clean towel and a snuggle.
  • Moisturise. Once the skin is dry apply your chosen cream be it prescription or a natural alternative.  This is the best time to apply cream.


Trust your judgement be it a daily bath or just one every few days you can rest assured that your baby's having fun and getting clean while you're not just removing dirt but also surface irritants and potential allergens.

Seek your doctors advice if skin conditioning is worsening.


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