African Liquid Black Soap

Made from cocoa pods, virgin coconut oil, and Shea Butter, this Soap packs vitamin A, C, and D power. 


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Black soap has a very mild soapy scent and an unbelievably creamy lather, which leaves skin moisturised and soft. It is one of the healthiest soaps for the skin due to the purity and simplicity of the ingredients. We adore this versatile soap! It is one of the few products I’m happy to use on my son’s skin so we are really pleased to add this liquid version to our range.

Black soap has a reputation for moisturising the skin and is believed to combat rashes, dry and eczema prone skin. In Togo, black soap is the only soap used by mothers to wash their newborn babies, as its purity makes it gentle and non-drying for their sensitive skin. Black Soap is recommended for young and old, or anyone with tender skin.

Ghanaians have used this soap for everything from bathing and washing their hair to washing clothes. It is also an excellent make-up remover and shaving cream. In Africa, this soap has also been used in a medicinal capacity for the treatment of rashes, ringworm, and skin conditions such as eczema.  Black Soap is also mild enough to be used on your hair.

Ingredinets Aqua (water),  *cocos nucifera(Coconut Oil), **butyrospermum parkii,(Raw Shea butter), Cocoa Pods

*Certfied organic ingredients
**Contains 50% Certified fairtrade raw shea butter