ScratchSleeves - The Mitts that stay on.   

These ingenious mitts could only have been created by parents of an eczema sufferer! Their dual layered designed prevents trauma to the skin from scratching whilst staying place on even the most determined wriggler.

Sold as one pair.


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Designed like a cardigan. Easy for parents to put on but impossible for baby to remove by themselves.

Double layered mitts provide extra protection. The two layers can slide over each other so that little finger nails cannot find their way through to scratch baby's skin.

Inner layer of soft cotton.

The dense silk outer layer is smooth and cool on the skin as well as stopping the finger nails reaching the skin.

Made from knitted cotton which stretches to provide a comfortable fit while ensuring that baby can't remove the ScratchSleeves without help.

Edged in cotton binding to control the stretch of the garment and ensure that they stay on all night.

Labelled on the back well away from baby's skin.

Designed to be worn over the top of normal clothes or a sleepsuit so that ScratchSleeves are easy for parents to put on or take off.

Smaller sizes of ScratchSleeves covering 0m to 9m are cut away round the shoulders and neck to make them easy for the parents to put on and take off.

Larger sizes of ScratchSleeves 9months plus sit over the shoulders which keeps them snugly in place on older children who wriggle more.

Additional sizing guide and measuring instructions.

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