Ecozone Microfibre Cloths - Pack of 2

Wipe dirt, dust and germs clean away with advanced microfibre cloths – and nothing else.

Their high fibre density means they clean better and easier than conventional microfibre cloths, and hang on to more dust and grime so you save time and effort.

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These high-quality cloths help save you money too. Reduce your use of household chemicals by up to 90%. You only need to use minimal amounts of water and you can reuse them again and again. Up to 300 times, in fact.

Pack contains a pink multi-purpose cloth 32 x 32cm and a blue polishing cloth 40 x 50cm for glass, mirrors and windows.

I tried these as I was curious and a little sceptical, but I can say I think they are amazing! 
My partner was laughing and pointing out I looked like a TV advert as I was rushing round cleaning taps and windows and demanding he looked at the dramatic results. They are great for tiles, water marks on sinks and taps.  No need for any additional cleaning product other than a little water.

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