There are numerous things that doctors can prescribe to help in the treatment of eczema. None of the treatments will cure eczema but they aim to help to control the symptoms and bring the flare ups back under control as quickly and safely as possible.

Creams and bath oils are often prescribed. 

Steroid creams have been used to treat eczema for many years and when used correctly are pretty safe. Doctors aim to use the lowest strength cream necessary and for the least amount of time needed to bring the flare up back under control. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist about how best to use the cream if you are uncertain. It’s normally a very thin smear of the cream onto the affected skin twice daily – to be used long enough to return the skin to normal. It’s important to still emolliate the skin whilst using the steroid and continue to emolliate for several weeks after treatment, as even though the skin looks better it is still very vulnerable to another flare up.

Hope's Relief CreamHope's Relief healing salve was developed as a natural alternative to steroid cream formulated by a naturopath many parents have found it very effective.

If the skin is infected your doctor may prescribe a cream with a mix of antibiotic and steroid in. Again check with them how the cream is to be used and how long for.

In severe cases systemic antibiotics or steroids may be needed in the form of medicine or injections. Ask your healthcare professional to explain why they are using the treatment and ask about any side effects if you’re concerned.

There are also some other prescription creams, Immunomodulators, which are non-steroid creams that act on the immune reaction occurring in the skin during break outs of eczema. These creams shouldn’t be used in children under 2 years and although they do seem to help some people there are currently questions over long term safety of their use and the boxes carry a warning.

Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors to control infected eczema, while antihistamines are often given to help with the itching and aid sleep.

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