Little Violet’s Ecological Laundry Washing Liquid

Pure soap laundry liquid with 100% natural biodegradable ingredients, effective and gentle the violets range was developed especially for sensitive infant skin. 

1 liter.


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Suitable for all fabrics including delicates and babies clothes.

Directions: Use 1 1/2 capfuls for a normal washing load. 1 liter should wash from 11-16 loads of normal washing depending on your water hardness. Suitable for hand-washing too.  - use low temperature wash cycle to save electricity.

Great for automatic washing machines.

Made in the UK.


Northumberland water - Organic Hemp soap - Soda Ash - Vegetable Glycerine - Vegetable Protein - Sodium Sesquicarbonate - Sodium Carbonate -Xanthum gum.