Ecozone Anti-Limescale Magnoball

The Magnoball is an effective non-chemical way to remove limescale and soften water in washing machines and dishwashers.


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The Magnoball from Ecozone.

Magnoball are a leading environmentally friendly product that helps in the fight against limescale.Place one inside your washing machine or dishwasher, and not only does the Magnoball powerfully prevent limescale build-up, it also fights to remove existing limescale deposits. Magnoball's magnetic power crystallises lime scale particles, these transformed particles are unable to settle in your clothes or on the heating elements of machines and pipes.

Economical and environmentally safe, once you start using the Magnoball you may no longer require anti-lime scale tablets to soften your water as the Magnoball will do this by up to 70%. You can even lower the washing temperature and still find that the clothes are clean. Suitable for use with all types of washing machine and dishwasher, enabling you to use less detergent, Works great with soap flakes, Ecoballs or soap nuts.

Helpful little thing to pop in the washing machine, softening the water means less detergent or soap and better rinsing and there for less residues on clothing to irritate sensitive skin.