Natural Baby Sea Sponge

Little Green Sheep organically grown sea sponges are the perfect partner for your baby's delicate skin.

Size: approx. 10cm.


More Info

Each natural sea sponge is sustainably harvested and hand-picked from the Mediterranean Sea, meaning that no damage is done to the roots allowing it to grow back quickly. This compares to other less sustainable methods such as machine picking which causes damage to the reef and sponges. By hand-picking the sponge, only the best larger sponges are selected, leaving the smaller sponges to grow for next year's harvest.

Unbleached Natural brown.

Care instructions: To make sure your sponge stays perfect for longer, we advise washing your natural sponge every now and then to deter soap build-up. Simply soak the sponge in a bowl of water (adding a drop of vinegar), then leave for a couple of hours and ring dry.