PitRok's Natural Crystal Deodorant Push Up

PitRok prevents bacteria from multiplying without blocking pores.


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A natural way to stay fresh.  PitRok deodorants are also free from parabens and triclosan. Best of all it really works. PitRok deodorant prevents bacteria from multiplying without blocking pores - no bacteria no odour! Excellent, extremely long lasting protection leaves no white marks on clothes and dries quickly while allowing the elimination of toxins.

It's free from chemicals like aluminium chlorohydrate and aluminium zirconium so it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Made from natural mineral salts, PitRok is formed into a remarkably long lasting crystal.

To use, simply wet the crystal with clean water and apply under arms for completely effective deodorant protection.

  • Allows the elimination of toxins as the pores are not blocked
  • Does not contain aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium
  • Not perfumed and completely odourless

Ingredients: Ammonium Alum